Raising Finance to Buy a Lifeboat


Maintenance and Renewal

At Littlehampton lifeboats, we are proud to maintain an efficient and up to date fleet of state of the art lifeboats. We constantly endeavour to keep the boats in tip-top condition with regular maintenance and careful handling. I am sure you are aware that we have to go out in all sorts of weather. It is in rough weather when our services are usually needed. So our boats do take a hammering resulting in damage that can take a boat out of services either permanently or for long term repairs. This is why we have an ongoing regimen of repair, maintenance and finance raising. Ensuring we can deal with any problem in the Littlehampton area.

Raising Finance

There is always a need to be fundraising and raising finance to invest in our lifeboat services. Sometimes the need for a new boat or repairs to an existing lifeboat arises before there is an opportunity to raise funds by the traditional means, e.g. tin tattling, raffles etc. Occasionally there is a need to raise finance more immediately. This is when we need the help of a good finance broker, we always turn to GetMeMyMortgage.co.uk . One of the leading brokers in the market, they can usually source money at competitive rates for almost any purpose.

How Can You Help

Raising funds to pay for the upkeep of our boats is a significant concern. Many locals wonder how they can help; not everyone wants to be a lifeboat person. You can help; we always look for people to raise money through collections, fetes, etc. We also like to be supported by non-seagoing volunteers who can help with the maintenance and upkeep of the boats and the lifeboat house. So if you are at a loose end and want to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with Littlehampton Lifeboats, email us and have a chat. We are always keen to talk to will, enthusiastic volunteers.